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Going into my second year as the principal of N'djamena English International School (NEIS), our third year as an established school, I have a great deal to reflect on and even a greater hope for the future of NEIS. The past two years of NEIS have been challenging years which is normal for a school still in its infancy. We have faced the challenges of financial constraints, the difficult search for competent teachers, and continual material shortages (general school supplies, chairs, tables, etc.) However, on the flip side we have much to be thankful for. We must be thankful that we are still here, fighting to build a foundation and imporve as an educational institution focused on high academic excellence and positive moral characters of our students. We are thankful that student numbers have grown by 50% every year and NEIS is gaining a reputation of educational excellence within the community. We are thankful that we have been able to set up a number of student and parent oriented programs to build school spirit and a relationship of mutual respect. Most importantly, we as a staff, from administrator to support staff, are thankful for each and every child. We are thankful that we have the privilege of being part of their education, but also part of their lives.

For the 2010-2011 NEIS school year, we deeply desire to continue to grow as an institution and seek partnerships locally as well as abroad to strengthen our vision of academic excellence. We want to provide our students with opportunities to expand their educational and cultural worlds, by connecting them to other schools around the world. NEIS would like to help our teachers in expanding their teaching skills by establishing relationships with other teachers to share ideas and knowledge. We seek to know and to be known.

To begin this process we must be known outside of the city of N'djamena, we must be known outside the country of Chad, we much be known outside the continent of Africa. Therefore, we have set up this blog for those intersted to know about NEIS. It will give periodic updates on school activities, projects, and needs.

Please join NEIS on its path of growth and thank you for taking the time to check out our blog.


Reouhidi Reuben Ndjerareou

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